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    When we got to the adult theater last night, the man at the counter told me that I had some competition. When I asked what he meant, he said that another couple had been in the theater for a while, and they were getting a lot of attention.

    When me and my husband walked into the theater, I saw a group of men and heard a woman saying, loudly, "Oh God Yes! Cum in me!" I thought I recognized the woman's voice. Then I saw who the voice belonged to. The voice begging men to cum in her belonged to a woman that I had gone to church with for many years.

    My husband and I stayed out of her view for sometime, and men gathered around me and I got busy and they got busy with me. I asked my husband to tell me when the other couple looked like they were done playing. And he told me about an hour or so later.

    When my husband told me that the other couple were getting dressed, I was kind of busy. Fortunately the man in my mouth got off and the guy in me came a minute or two later. My husband took it upon himself to stop the other couple and talk with them. The woman of the couple looked over and recognized me.

    Me, my husband and the other couple, Chuck and Carol, went out to Denny's when we left the theater. Carol asked me not to tell anyone about what had happened at the theater. I told her it was our secret. Carol told me that she didn't feel what they did was a sin because it was something they were doing together. I agreed.

    I told Carol about the "church" services we have at our house on Sunday mornings. Carol admitted that she had wondered why she hadn't seen us in church for so long. She is going to attend our "church" tomorrow morning, and Chuck and my husband will watch.

    Some people you would never guess lived this lifestyle. And that's cool. But it is nice to find out who does, especially when you would have never thought that they would.
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    You always have some of the most "unbelievable" stories @DeeDeeinCO but the way you tell them and have written to me about them in private messages I lean more towards the side of believing you. I enjoy reading what you share. You definitely don't have any competition here for relaying stories of being a magnificent slut and freak.

    Rock on with your bad self.
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    The thing is that we have even had men to the house for gang bangs who said they thought that things like they had just experienced only happened in porn flicks. The guy we had over for Christmas Eve was a guy who had just moved to Denver and had been here for two days. We met him on Craigslist. When he showed up he didn't know what to expect. When I told him that I was his for the night, again, he didn't know what to do, or to expect.

    When we had 14 men come to our hotel room on the night of our wedding, every guy there, except for three guys I had been with before, thought that nothing like they had been involved in, or were going to be involved in, ever really happened, either.

    My husband's oldest son used to work at the swinger motel that is a 1/4 mile from our house. Through my husband's oldest son we learned that a lot of people we hadn't expected to be in the lifestyle were. When we have gone, ourselves, we have met couples that we had seen around and didn't know they were in the lifestyle, but were/are. We have seen our neighbors, that live directly across the street from us, play at the same motel.

    A lot of the guys that come to the house the first time are tripped out that my husband wants to watch and take pictures, yet, only two, in the last eight years, couldn't go through with it. They wanted me one on one, and on those nights we were having several men over.

    I have posted several pictures proving that we are real and that we really do live the lifestyle. Yes, a lot of people find what people do in the lifestyle to be "unbelievable." The thing is that there are just as many who, after they are a part of it, have trouble believing what happened really happened. I even had a guy call me once asking me if what we had done the night before really happened.

    The way I see it, those who do and have lived the lifestyle know what they have experienced. And there are those who want to experience it, but never will, for whatever reason. Those are the ones that don't believe that anything anyone says happens actually happens. And then there are those who get to be a part of it, in one way or another. Those are the people who know what can and does happen.

    I don't really care who believes or doesn't believe me. I know what happens in my life, and I love it. And sometimes I share some of it with others.

    I have been told time and again that I am not like most other women. I have always had trouble believing that there are so few women like me in this world. My best friend and several of my family members are swingers. We have even gone to sex parties together. I do not hide my lifestyle or who I am. I love who I am.

    We have a few lifestyle establishments in the Denver area, as many here in the Denver area know. A couple are very vanilla, except in the very large play areas. Others are a little more open and playful. We like the Mon Chalet because fewer people use condoms there, and there has never been a time when I didn't get to play with most every guy there.

    For those of you get to play with me, or already have, you know that what I am saying is true. For the rest of you, I hope you get to experience even half of what we have, will and do.
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