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    Recently my wife found out about a relationship I had just out of college with a girl I had been dating for a couple of years. We moved in together and lived in an apartment when a young black man moved in a couple of doors down. He and I began hanging out playing ball, having drinks and watching some of his videos. It led to him showing me interracial videos he had taken of himself with other white girls, girlfriends and husbands while they watched. I was blown away. After a few weeks, he suggested that perhaps I would like to have him seduce my girl. I told him she'd never go for that and truly believed it.

    He had me take home some IR videos that I "accidently" left in the player. It had videos of black men with a young blonde that looked like her. At first she seemed surprised I would watch something like that and a little disinterested but after a while of me bringing them home, I found she had been watching them (they sometimes were not rewound).

    After a few weeks of watching the videos, Marc (my neighbor) had me bring Lynn down for drinks and then after several rounds say I was going out for more mixer. Instead, I watched by the window outside as Marc seduced my girlfriend. It started with him showing some of the videos of him and another blonde and then he began to kiss her.

    She at first seemed like she was going to resist but when he placed her hand on his crotch, and she felt his package, she just surrendered. In minutes she was on her knees sucking his cock. That night she came home with a pussy load of cum. That was just the start as little by little she had sex with Marc almost daily.

    Rarely was she in our apartment when I came home and when I went to his place, she was always either naked or wearing just a shirt with no bottom. He had told her how I had allowed him to fuck her and asked her what kind of man would give his woman away.

    Over the course of weeks, while she still slept with me, kissed me, and even cuddled with me in bed, she stopped having intercourse or oral sex with me. She still had me go down on her, particularly after a session with Marc. While I didn't want to, it seemed the only way to still have sex with her.

    It was just a few months after this that Marc began having other buddies over and she was fucked by several black guys. Often with Marc requiring me to video it. The guys taunted me, which was humiliating, particularly when Lynn herself joined in. But I found myself getting so turned on by the sessions as I jacked off watching these black guys fucking my GF.

    Often the guys would have her look me in the face and tell me she was a Black Cock Slut and a Whore for Black Cock. While Lynn shaved her pussy, I was shocked one night when she came out of the shower sporting a black tattoo in big bold letters that said MARC just over her cunt lips.

    It should not have surprised me but one night in bed she told me we had grown apart and that she was moving in with Marc. She loved me but she loved him in a different way and that I would always have a place in her heart.

    It had never occurred to me when it all started it would end with me losing my GF. It was then that Lynn told me after that first night Marc and she were together he would not allow her to fuck me any more. I was not to have my white dick in her pussy nor was she to go down on me or even give me a hand job. Basically it was my dick or his cock and she made that choice after that first time with him.

    The night she broke the news to me, she said it had been almost five months since we had sex anyway. The real dagger was when she told me she was carrying Marc's baby.

    That was all about 25 years ago. Since then I married and divorced and recently remarried. The problem is my new wife Tracey recently ran into a girl who knew Lynn and I in college and told her most of what had transpired back then. Up until a few weeks ago, that chapter of my life was a secret and buried deep in my past.

    Tracey has confronted me and keeps wanting to know more and more. In bed the other night she was asking how I felt watching those black cocks in my girlfriend. I know Tracey has never had interracial sex but I also know she was fairly experienced in sex before we met. I can tell Tracey wants to explore IR sex but I am really scared I might lose her like I lost Lynn.

    I have to admit I was turned on watching Marc and his friends fucking my girlfriend and I have jacked off hundreds of times thinking about it. The other day I opened the computer browser only to find Tracey had been visiting free IR websites. One she had been visiting linked to this one so I thought I would check it out.

    There's a part of me that regrets Tracey bumped into my college friend but then again, I have been excited ever since. Hopefully reading some of the stories of other men may help me make up my mind. That is - if Tracey doesn't act on her own.
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    I would suggest you let Tracey go for it but with the understanding only when you are present and with the agreement between you 2 that it's only just for the sex and nothing else. That's the agreement my wife and I have and it's worked out great. We also have the same agreement with her black lover. Just for the sex and nothing else. Of course that can change but that's the chance you have to be willing to take.
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    Well, my wife and I took a big step a couple of weeks ago when I consented to her having sex with a black man. We actually have participated in sex games with other white couples, so it was not the first time seeing her with another man. But it was the first time with a black man and given what occured in my life when I was much younger, I did have quite a bit of apprehension.

    Apparently Tracey has a girlfriend she works with who dates a black guy and she helped set it up. Tracey actually met Gerry thru her friend before I did and knew there was some chemistry before she had me meet him for dinner. I have two kids from a previous marriage but they do not live with us and Tracey and I have not had children so she invited Gerry over to our place.

    He was a very handsome, well groomed guy in his early 40's perhaps 3 or 4 years younger than me. I'm 5'10: and Gerry appeared to be 6'2" or so.

    Tracey wore a black dress and was absolutely stunning. I have to admit I had a few drinks before he arrived to steady my nerves but he set me completely at ease and we started talking about what teams might make the NFL playoffs. It was if I had known him for several years.

    After Tracey put up the remants of dinner and joined us in the den, she refreshened both of our drinks, put on some R&B, slipped off her shoes and sat on the couch with Gerry. She had dimmed the lights and put on a lamp in the corner. We all chatted for a while and I noted she seemed to be edging closer to him and I watched as his arm dropped over the couch, resting lightly on her shoulder before she moved into him.

    She looked at me once and then moved to him and kissed him. I watched as their mouths closed and I saw his tongue move between her lips. I must admit to a tad bit of jealousy but I was also turned on as his hand slipped into the gap at the top of her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could tell he was enjoying her nice firm breasts.

    His other hand worked its way under her dress and I heard her gasp. I knew then that he had found his target. I kept sipping my drink but my eyes never left them as she slipped off the couch, undid the back of the dress and let it slide down her body leaving her in a pair of black thong panties. Tracey has the most beautiful legs and shapley ass!

    Dropping to her knees, she unsnapped his pants and pulled them and his underwear down and off as I watched her grasp his shaft. I am a good 7 inches but this guy was 8 or 9 inches and thicker. She moaned as she plunged her head up and down on his cock, her tongue bathing it with her saliva.

    Gerry just looked down at her, rolling her hard pink nipples between his expert fingers. After several minutes of head, she slipped off her panties and climed up on his lap, setting her shaved pussy down on his wet cock. That was about all I could take as I unzipped my own fly and pulled out my dick and began jacking off to the two of them making love.

    Any jealousy I had was displaced by my excitment seeing my wife with her new black lover. They whispered and at first I couldn't make out what they were saying but finally I heard her telling him to fuck her white pussy. I heard her say the word daddy. At first it was just that, her saying daddy, but then she was chanting softly at first and then louder, "Yes, fuck me daddy. Fuck my pussy. Give me that hard cock."

    I heard him say she really liked that black dick, "All you white girls like that black dick."

    That was it before I came in my hand. My cum shooting onto our floor, my pants, across my hand. I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned up and when I came back into the den they were lying flat on the couch as he lay on top of her.

    His dark brown skin contrasting with her white tone. Her hands cupping his ass cheeks as they kissed deeply. I went into the kitchen and made a drink and returning, watched as he slammed into my wife. She was moaning loud, continuing to urge him on, telling Gerry how much she loved his cock, how good it felt, until she came hard.

    He had a great deal of stamina as they fucked for about 45 minutes more with her coming again. Finally, when he told her he was going to cum, she got on her knees on the floor with him standing over her as he shot into her waiting mouth. She took all of the cum and then placed her mouth over his cock, bathing it until it softened.

    After she had swallowed it all, she stood up and kissed him.

    We all drank some more and then they went at it again as we were all watching television. This time he came in her pussy. We had discussed whether or not she would go bareback and as she told me he had recently been checked and was actually married himself (to a very pretty black lady from the picture I saw), we agreed she could.

    After Gerry left, Tracey and I went to bed. I assumed she would be spent but she slipped on top of me and kissed me. I couldn't help but think just an hour earlier, she had been sucking off her balck lover. She gave me head before she slipped my rock hard member in her box, still wet and hot from her previous encounter.

    Tracey told me how much she loved me and I didn't last long, shooting my wad into her warm and inviting pussy.

    That was two weeks ago and the really wild thing .. .it was me who actually encouraged her to call Gerry and invite him over again for this Friday night. She won't let me take photos given the job she has but I may write about it. She leaves for work before I do and for the last three days I have jacked off thinking about Gerry and her together.

    Tracey and I love each other very much but I cannot describe how much I enjoyed seeing her with Gerry. I'm so glad we went thru with it!
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