Hey everyone, just found the site, excited to see what its all about! I am 27m married to 24f we have been together for almost 6 years. Recently I have found myself fantasizing about my wife with someone else. I have asked her about it and she doesnt seem too keen on the idea. What she says about it though is that she is worried that I would want to be with another woman and that is why im bringing it up.......which leads me to believe she might actually be into it. She is a very shy person and considers herself not to be a 'sexual person.' Either way thats a little about me.
She is what you called ' cock- loose ' i think your wife would do it , she is only tryin to throw you for a loop , once she gets a real bull , the real woman will come to the surface and you might see her for what she really is [ A freak ] the other woman thing is her way of keeping you under wraps.. keep bringing it up and sooner or later she will come around.... Good-luck partner...