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we're just starting out here. I'm 42, she's 46. I'm relaxed and outgoing, she's a bit shy and submissive and warms up after she stops being nervous, can be very headstrong! I'm a average guy, and she's a slim blonde who every guy says looks a lot younger. And yes, quite a few playfully hit on her but so far to my knowledge she has walked away, but come back and told me what they've said (and I always echo their compliments - they're right, after all).

Recently she's been hinting about receiving some more serious attention from other men. A guy asking her away on holiday for a week, a couple of other pretty straightforward and direct offers of a fling or an affair too. I was so nervous and excited to hear her talk about it that I blew it by not reacting enough, it threw me into a tailspin to be honest and I think she thought that I wasn't bothered. Anyway, she just told me about them and what they had said, and when I asked what she'd said she told me that she'd politely declined.

But she has brought the subject up a couple of times now, and I have casually asked a bit about these guys, and a few of them are white but there is one guy that she talks about differently, and you guessed it, it's a black guy and her whole way of talking about him is different, and if you know her like I do, you can tell that she is interested in this guy in a way that she just isn't with the others.

Just recently we were in London, and she can be a bit of a people-watcher, but on several occasions I watched the way she was around some of the black guys and she was acting with real curiosity with them, and a few jokey comments about black guys with her sister, etc.

Basically, I'm here to find out if she really is interested in black guys like I think she is. if yes, we'll see where it takes us, and if not, well, I misread things.

I signed up here as a couple, but she'd freak out big time if she knew I'd done this. Except... a few times we've taken a few saucy pictures and she's asked me if they'll end up on the internet. Not in a 'don't' kind of way, but sort of leaving it open. So.. I'm looking forward to easing her towards this whole thing and finding out of she really is interested, and then involving her fully.

Yes, I could just ask her, but you know how that could blow everything if I do it wrong.

Anyway, that's our story so far.