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cuckolded wimp

Gold Member
On my perusals through various IR sites and forums, I have read references to the term "NEW WORLD ORDER". The concept,(which is one that i most certainly agree with) of a new order of life, where the superior blackman sets the rules and laws to which we will abide by . I know im going to get a lot of abuse and adverse comments on this subject, (BUT IM NOT GOING TO BE GAGGED), this is something i sincerly want and hope will happen.
I thought that this subject might be compiled under one thread, where ALL aspects, pictures, cartoons, stories and personnel experiences/thoughts and HOPES can be refererred to.
I am sure those white cuckolds out there that already serve and obey the blackman, and those white sluts that also serve their black masters, are already living to a "New World Order" within their lifestyle circle.
I agree with you 100% I get a satisfaction out of serving the Black Race, they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect more than any other race on this planet!!! Yes their will be those who will condemn you for your beliefs but thats because they themselves are racists!!! My girlfriend and myself will gladly get down on our knees and kiss the Asses of our Black Masters!!!