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New white couple 4 black stud

My wife has had fantasizes about being fucked by a black guy(s) for a long time, but has always said she never would actually do it. I have download interracial porn for a while, and we watch it in bed before we have sex, and she is always slimy by the time we fuck, and she tells me how she wants a large black cock inside her. I finally went to a sex toy store and bought her a Flash Brown dildo. She couldn't believe how big it was, but was anxious to try it. With some astroglide and a few sessions of easing it in slowly, she could eventually get all but about 3 inches inside her. Now when we play with her toy, I control it, and fuck her with it in various positions. Once she gets stretched out and used to it, I fuck her with it, deep, hard, and fast. To say she cums very hard is an understatement. At first I was concerned that after she had that monster in her, she might not feel me, as I'm only 7.5 inches and normal girth. But I was happily surprised to find out that her pussy was so swollen by Flash and excited, that she actually cums harder now when I fuck her.

So now I'm thinking that under the right circumstances maybe she would have sex with a black man. If anyone is interested in arranging a meting in a neutral location near where we both live, we can see where it goes. I am willing to email pictures first, and would even like to possibly talk to/meet any interested potential guys. If your interested, let me know. Megapixels92395 at y a h o o dot c o m.