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New to This - Need Help

derin jones

Gold Member
Yes. The best thing is communication. Talk to her. Depending on her demeanor, you might want to introduce things gradually.

- talk about vague fantasies
- watch some couples soft porn
- "accidentally" watch some IR porn. Blacked.com is great
- Ask if she ever thought of that
- Sublty challenge her and get her thinking about it like "You're pretty hot, I bet you could handle that guy in the video"

Feel her out. Take it step by step and see what happens.

Me, I'm not really the typically cuckold type. I'm not submissive at all, rather alpha, in great shape and fuck the hell out of my wife often. I just love sex, my wife does too, and we both think it would be hot for her to get fucked by some black bulls.

But, for the cuckold types, there is a great how-to article here in the Cuckold forum. If that appeals to you, it's great advice that works very well for that goal.