New to this, looking for bull for my GF

Hi all, My GF and I are new to this. She just recently started making me dress up in her clothes and serve her if I am to ever get close to her pussy. She hasn't let me fuck her in months only lick. Maybe because she needs a real man. I was one, but now that she knows I will do anything for her she tells me she wants a well hung black man to fuck in front of me. She says this will show me why she doesn't need me anymore and why she decided I look better as a sissy. If I learn enough and do everything she says, she'll give me a day to dress like a man again and fuck her. hopefully, the stud won't be bigger than me so my gf will still enjoy me. In the Atlanta area contact me, so I can send pics and get you two aquatinted and hopefully prove my loyalty to my GF with a BBC.