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New to this - engage or ignore?

Hi. I guess I'd begin with saying that I'm in this site assuming most of it is fantasy. I don't believe most of the stories posted on here are real. That said, I also assume there are a few out there who, like me, are being real and serious so.. here goes. I'm a 32 yr old married white guy in the dc area. My wife has often subtley mentioned her attraction to black men and the possibility of being with one. While I ignored it for a while its obviously something that has stuck with me and I often wonder whether this is something I should engage in as something she wants to try or dismiss as some fetish on her part that she would never actually try in real life. I also wonder, even if she would want to try for real, if its something I should explore with her or continue to ignore it and not invite problems down the road. Wondering if anyone had some insight or suggestions as to all this...