new to the site

hi my name is marcella im from brazil and im new here

im in love for BBC since 17 year old now im 21 soon will be 22
i already fucked 27 diferent BBCs in my life
i had a cuckold boyfriend but i dont anymore i i dumped the white loser
i still want a cuckold boyfriend or husband i just need to find a new one
and... well i hope you guys like me maahcora2.jpg maahcora3.jpg maahcora4.jpg maahcelestia11.jpg
Hi Marcella!
We are both lucky! You in Brazil are as lucky as I am in Germany.
It is as easy for you in Brazil to find black cock as it is for me in Germany to find the white pussies I need. I hope you will have as lot of fun being fucked by black cocks as I have fucking the white pussies.
I have a son with a blonde German girl. So all my interracial fucking was not only for fun. I am single now.
As we certainly never will fuck take a virtual cumshot - blast!
Take care