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New to the site! Lets chat and talk about our desires.

What's up everyone? I came across this site and had to join. I'm 22 white male. And I've needed a place to share my thoughts and well hidden sexual desires and fantasies! I'm currently single, I work in the medical field, I have an extreme foot fetish but not bare feet with socks/tights/stockings etc. Have had that fetish since I was about 8! My ex and I were pretty sexually active she loved to dress up for me we had a ton of costumes a drawer full of tights,socks,stockings. It took me a whiiile to come out with my curiosity for wanting to see her pleased by a black man. The idea of my adorable white girlfriend really being pleased by a hung black guy had always turned me on. We never got to fulfill my fantasy of seeing her get fucked by black dick because she didn't want to 'cheat' and she said she wasn't into black dick! My question for the ladies... Do you think she was just saying that or what? Although my fantasy never got fulfilled she would sext me extremely detailed scenarios of having interracial affairs with black men. I can get into details later but a few of my favorites were when she was at my house alone and sexted me a scenario of her and a black man in my own bed. I just loved the idea of my girl being pleased by a big black dick. I could please her myself but I wanted the best for her. I hope my next girl can help me satisfy my fantasies! Another favorite was when she would say she would give them footjobs and they would cum over her feet. A few times she would mix lotion with some water and drizzle it on her pussy or feet and send me pics. One time she drizzled some on her socks and gave me a footjob. Such an intense sexual rush! Its felt great so far to get these things off my chest and I am looking forward to some feedback!