New to the forum and Looking for atlanta bull

Hi all,

Just yesterday I found this term.

I am a South Indian and wanted to Cuckold my wife.
I am interested in hung bull and even white is fine for me.
My wife is dark skinned (not that dark) person and I am a tan skinned person.

She is now in and out of this idea don't know why she is not constant.

I wanted to be a mutual person because she allowed me to have sex with another girl along with her in Las Vegas and I wanted to return the favor for her. She was ready at that time but we don't know this term called cuckold and we thought of going to club but unfortunately I fell sick and missed the chance.

When we sat and talked in a calm environment about this She says it is ok for her to do it with another girl and she is also interested but not with another guy and during our intercourse she sometime think about other guy who is favorite for her and when I asked about cuckold she says ok during the intercourse, I dont know whether she wants it or she is afraid of, we now wanted to have a kid and this idea is also inserting fear in her.

My thinking is before having kids I want to enjoy this as well, so that we dont have to think we missed the chance.

Infact I am also excited and afraid what will happen after the session if she agreed for this but wanted to watch the full experience in person.

I am also afraid if hung bull will really give her pleasure or hurt her basically she is very sexual aroused person and wanted to experience a lot of different things in sex but limiting it to myself.

We are living in Atlanta region and we are looking for bull. How to look for one and If we some how got it, how can we approach and where to meet and have this.

Afraid, excited and need direction.

Thanks awaiting replies.
Atlast she is now hesitatingly said yes, so we are now looking for a bull. Interested people can reply.
Sorry to say this her desire is not to have complete dark guy but instead white skinned or tan skinned with black cock is also fine because she is some what dark skinned so she desires for tan (w/wo black cock) or white skinned bull.

We request a bull from in the area of atlanta, we need to take this slow, so before proceeding we would like to meet and get to know each other well and go forward.

I wanted to post a pic but she is too afraid for that.

Only verified cucks with photos should approach.