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whats the biggest cock a beginner wife should take?

  1. 7" to 8"

  2. 9" to 10"

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  1. wannabecuck13

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    Hi ppl, I am a cuckold wanna be hubby.. we enjoy pillow talk that involves a third party on our bed.. we are of indian ethnicity.. even though we talk about it my wife is not confident of acting on it.. I am trying to make her as slutty as possible.. infact now a days when we go out she mentions other men and imagine being intimate with them. . This gets me all rilled up for a hot romp.. I enjoy watching porn especially amateur porn.. I checked out some amateur cuckold videos and it always includes a BBC.. and honestly I think my wifes tight pussy will look good stretched and squirt on a bbc.. I am addicted to the idea.. and I dunno how to bring her to the dark side (no pun intended lol).

    So how to slowly help her realise our fantasy into reality as I dont want her to feel pushed so I am willing to take my time?!?! So experts advise.. this is a secy pic of my wife one of my fav

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  2. PassionateDick

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    Would love to help you out
  3. subbylou

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    Great picture, very sexy. I can see why it is a favorite.