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New Things To Try

So I'm thinking of new kinky things to try in the bedroom to help spice up our evenings.

So far I've let my wife know that maybe a little bit of belittling might be a fun thing to try. You know, just saying mean things. It was actually pretty hot.
Do you guys have any other ideas? I'm starting to come around to her stimulating me and even maybe introducing the idea of her getting me a cage. I'm interested to hear what you all have to say!


Sweet & Cordial
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re: New Things To Try

.....dudebro, its good that you're exploring ways to keep the sexual excitement in your marriage ... so many couples fail to communicate their growing sexual boredom with routine sex, and gradually grow apart. There are so many different ways you can take this mission ... and most all the suggestions will be sexual, I'm sure. So, I'll try to offer a non-sexual suggestion that may help you find a reinvigorated attraction to each other; I know its worked well in my marriage of 20 years.
.....Not sure how long the two of you have been married, but often, after 10 or so years, one or both partners tend to quit taking care of their bodies ... gaining weight, failing to keep themselves well groomed, etc. My entire family are into the low sugar/carbs and getting plenty of exercise. We're fortunate to have hiking/bicycling trails in my area and our entire family uses them quite often. Also, up until a couple years ago we were all into self-defense courses, particularly my daughter. But keeping the body energized also keeps the sexual desires elevated ... and its worth all the effort.
.....Good luck with your goal. Mac