New on here and looking for help?

52y old WM wanting to get my 47y old wife to cuckold me looking for advice on how to proceed to get her
To fuck with other men.
Thanks for any advice.


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h48, welcome to b2w; it would help the forum members who might comment IF you'd take a few minutes and fill out your profile, and give the forum some background on what's gone on in your relationship so far ...
  • how long married
  • what have you said/done thus far and how did she respond
  • her sexual likes ... toys, roll play, dirty talk, porn, sexual fantasies, etc
  • when you say "cuckold you", are you specifically referring to her doing that with black men or any man?
  • is sex still exciting between the both of you, or are one or both of you looking for something to perk it up?
The more background you give, the more specific someone can be in suggestions. However, you should also check the archive discussions because there are many requests, such as yours, where good advice has been given.