New Normal for White Boys?

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  1. I can't help but suspect this is the new normal. Is it? I need some reassurance? I've been jacking off to interracial sex since I was fourteen years old. It all started when I found the Christine Young video and then I gradually moved on to more hard core porn like Barbie Cummings and her shouting of BLACK BABIES turned me on more than you could ever believe. Recently, I'm taking off time from work to stay home and masterbate to interracial cuckolding material, and I'm always consuming more. Is this the new normal for white boys, and how do the white women of the site see me?
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    If you are letting porn cut into your life and you are missing work to jack off... That is not a productive direction to head in.

    Forget the term 'normal' as having any meaning. You need to focus on what really makes you fulfilled and what lets you progress in your life as a man. Porn can be... selfish and reclusive. Sex is not just about seeing others get off and you having your own mind made fantasy be active while this happens.

    Don't get me wrong, I love porn and I consume my share and then some. I also have tons of sex with many kinky and hot women ( I am not married so no cheating) and I don't let my sex drive, pron viewing nor sexual escapades, cut into my money making nor my friendships and time with my hobbies nor family life. Sex and porn would be LESS fun for my if I had to sacrifice my personal life or my income to get a fix, per the model of porn being overpowering and addictive.

    Is the action you talked about normal for white guys? I would say no for many yet some do what you do. I am a hung white guy who loves to fuck and also loves more adventurous sex. That includes group fucking and seeing black males fuck white sluts in person and also my all time favorites of having two women who are bisexual and of different races pleasure one another.

    There are men who just jack off to cuck porn all day... I don't personally think that is getting all the enjoyment sex has to offer out of the experience. Get a girlfriend or a fuck buddy and have a good time tapping her ass. If you are really serious about enjoying IR sex, and other sorts of sex, then you may want to see it live and in person one day. Having a like minded woman who shares your kink and who can be the star slut for some black on white loving is a boon... Porn can show you that event but never let you live that event...

    As an aside, since I don't know you, I will mention in general there are some bitch men who have not developed basic male/female social skills and hide out using porn. Once these guys, I have known a few, started to hit the gym and clean up their diet (that boosts your testosterone levels and makes you healthy) they felt better. Many of these men were shy and needed to get over that and have real world interactions with women. In time some of the guys acted more like men and would then date and get laid with real women and not just focus on an endless loop of porn fantasy.

    Build a good social life and sex life and never look to porn to fulfill your sexual wants. Watch porn? Sure... Just don't buy the hype on what is shown as the only way to enjoy sex and enjoy women.

  3. What percetage of us white guys are into interracial cuck porn? I bet alot. Is it increasing? Misery loves company. How can I help increase that percentage.

    Dude, if your here, I doubt your are a dominant man?

    Your in the same camp as I am. Join the club. Admit it.
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    Get out there and find a nice white girl to marry and who can be shown that black is the way to go.

    I like cuck porn as much as the next guy, but once you experience the real deal, you won't need that porn as much.
  5. It's good we have the internet. It helps us white cucks and sissys to feel less isolate and encourage each other, and give white women and black men the joy they deserve.
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    Being miserable is NOT healthy nor desirable. My life is far from a state of misery and I would hope that yours and that of other people is happy, not miserable.

    Why would you want to increase the percentage of misery for any collection of people? That is fucked up...

    If you watch porn (cuck porn or other) and are miserable afterward then you are doing it wrong. If you are paying for your porn, you are making someone else rich in the process. Double fucked up.

    Sorry. There is nothing of that sort for me to admit. I like my life, sex wise and in other ways, and don't have any need to be nor feel inferior. No submissiveness to women nor to other men. That is just how I am. I walk with my head up, as I hope all men would do.

    I am well aware that the stereotype, thanks in large part to porn, is that any man who likes IR porn and IR sex in general that involves black men on white chicks must mean the man watching is some cuck wimp etc. Not so.

    I don't want to drop a reality check, but every black guy does not have a real 9'' or longer cock and on screen porn sex is not 100% indicative of sex in real life either. Those are other stereotypes at work that don't bare out always in the real world. There are plenty of white guys who like IR sex (that also includes white on Asian, Asian on white, black on Latina, White on Latina etc) who are not pussy bitch bois.

    Put it this way: Every see porn where a hung white guy fucks some Latina slut? If a Latino man watches that and likes it, does that make him a cuck bitch to white dudes or submissive to Latina ladies just from his viewing and enjoying what he saw? The answer is no and such a function does apply to black on white porn.

    You wanted an honest answer on your question. I gave that to you. Beyond that, you do what you do. Just don't think the whole world is made up of guys like you and if porn is taking over your life and you are missing work, you should best rethink your view on porn/life priorities/relationships etc.

    I will finish with this classic joke:

    The Masochist pleaded "Beat me! Hit me! Beat Me! Hurt me! Beat Me!"

    The Sadist looked on coldly and replied simply "No."

    Dominance uh? :rolleyes:
    clueless guy.jpg
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  7. Doesn't interracial sex require both?
  8. Technical question: Can I White BOI be said to LUST after the white woman in the act of interacial sex, or the big black cock? What is the difference between interracial attraction and lust?

    I think we need a new word. INTERLUST!
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    Don't get hung up in concepts... Just enjoy what thrills you sexually. Sex is not always logical nor rational. Labels don't always need to apply, still they do exist. In some ways, a black man fucking a white girl is not even seen as interracial sex but just as sex. No need for a special title to it.

    BTW, if a man lusts after the other man's cock when one focuses on the sex act then that is gay/bi. No judgments here, just saying...

    Do you like seeing black guys fuck Asian women or other non black women? How about black women getting the shit fucked out of them by black men? There is no right answer to why you get turned on by IR sex and it's depictions. If it is white girls only with black guys then think about what it is that makes you view sex and porn in that set manner.

    The difference between attraction and lust? Lust is more powerful, some (not I) even say sinfully so, and can be overwhelming to one caught in it's grips. Think 'blood lust' or lust for power or lust for wealth and the path that force as set men to travel down in it's pursuit...

    If your lust to view some kinky sex, even on a TV or computer screen, is so strong that is overrides your ablity to go to work and get money then you are being ruled by that emotional want. You can be attracted to something and someone, on the other hand, and not get obsessed on the object of your attraction nor not have your life fall to shit in an all or nothing quest to satisfy and have what you like.

    A wise Jamaican said:
    What you lust for too often runs you and runs you into the earth without you getting it...
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    I agree that fucking in real life, whatever one's kinky of choice or sexual arraignment, is 1000x better then on screen porn.
    Amen to that advice!
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    What you should do is see the real thing in person!!
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    Different things turn different people on. I have found the best turn on is a wet and willing woman. New normal? I really don't think so. I have been banging white pussy for nearly 50 years. It is probably more accepted now but it has been going on since time immortal. Instead of jacking off you should be out learning what to do between the sheets
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  13. If you are white and you are banging white pussy you should feel ashamed of yourself. You should offer that white pussy up to the BLACK COCK GOD. The only pride you and I should be permitted is the pride of assisted the lusty interracial orgasms of white women.

    Accept the process.
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  14. I'm posting this here for those little white boys and white cucks who have not yet got the message. Accept the process. Encourage black fucking. It is your duty and your only pride. black white interracial pride world wide.,..
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    I luv cuckold porn. If id have known what a cuckold was when I was 21 then I hope thatd id still be with the girlfriend I had at that time who left me for black men
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    ^^^^^ THIS, 110%.^^^^^
    but that doesn't mean something like this this wouldn't be fun for a husband to watch in person and an incredible adventure for a couple.
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    This is just one bit of anecdotal evidence, but I have talked about this several times with my best male friend -- a white guy -- and prefers interracial porn for the same reason us ladies prefer interracial sex: black guys are just better performers.
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    Indeed. I paid a couple of white girls off craiglist to do a 3-way with me, it was by FAR the best sex i've ever had, and i've had a LOT lol.

    It was also the best way to get me into sucking black cock and balls, and that too was an incredible turn on. That soft rubbery head... loved it.
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    white boys are so embarassing :D BBC RULE!