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You are extremely sexy baby...I will actually be in NYC next month if you would like to meet up for drinks and some fun....
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folks, i hate to bring this up..but didn't another post in May, show a model, Bar Rafael, posted by a fake, who
was a gay guy getting off, by posting a fake model pic..not sure..but this doesn't look a real woman posting for
getting blacked..maybe i'm wrong..


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one has seen you as a model, one in a movie - whatever - you do look very good no matter what you do. I do hope you're not being posted by some damn fake asshole.
All are entitled to their opinion however I'm not fake however it does seem to me that the only way to prove that is to post revealing photos of oneself and if that's the case then I'll just have to accept being called a fake and get blocked from this site, if that's how it has to be.