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New idea that keeps a secret, secret!

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  • I support a womans right to chose DICK with out Codes. Cloak and Dick Her!

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  • I enjoy mounting a thick lack penis until he loads me, then get a white man to lick that.

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Some gals would like to be more coy about flirting for meetings with BBC.

How about just painting toe nails BLACK to mean the same as Hot Wife Spade Symbol? and Right Anklet

Then French'd with a Black Line to be the same as the Left Anklet

These could become so under the radar that many in the know would not look for it that are not into it.

The anklet has been known to many and was a flag years ago.

If the finger nails are painted this way could mean couple open to bareback if proof of clean is recent.

A wife could French her nails and go t and from home, work and church with complete secrecy only the in the life style would or could use. While also allowing her complete plausible deniability.

The Trojan Horse Cock Code.