New here

Hello all. So we are both 30 years old and happily married with kids. We have been together since high school and we tell each other everything. We both know about all of our sexual partners and all of our deepest and nastiest fantasies.

For the first few years it consisted of everything from bdsm to public sex, extreme penetration to pegging. Threesomes with men and with women and of course orgies.

We have never actually had group sex or threesomes as of yet but have of course dabbled in all manners of sex we can possibly try with just the two of us.

As the years have gone by we both find the though of a very well hung man included in the picture more and more attractive. I get off every time I use a big dildo on her and she is more and more turned on by my enjoyment of it.

If you are in the Seattle area and care to contact us our email is