New here

Hi im elizabeth, im 20 from NY. Im starting to develop my 'default white girl' curiosity with black guys. My bf is brown and apart from him the way i feel lately i really cant see me liking non black guys (well for now anyway, state of minds can change)

So my bf is no cuck but when i joke with him after a night out that i was cheating he says pics or it didnt happen which kinda gets me wanting to do it and take a picture. Plus he was fucking my best friend who is white and when i met him he said he normally goes for black girls, i thought its safe to leave them around each other as shes pretty plus she kinda only dates black guys...crazy i know but they were at it together.

So im not here coz i cant get guys, i can, im here to see what could happen from talking to a community of like minded black men and women.

And im not into white guys or those cuck types...where did that word come from?lol