New here

A bit about us. I used to be able to take care of business, both when I was single and with my wife. But now, due to health issues and various medications, I simply don't have those same capabilities. My wife is a gorgeous woman with round large breasts and a very strong sexual appetite. I have had to depend on other men to perform the services I used to do, due to my issues. She currently has a white bull, who has a rather large and thick penis. He fucks her like she needs to be fucked, so we have limited our group of men who have serviced her.
She has a BBC, at her work, which has her creaming in her jeans when he comes into her office. She did go to his house, several weeks ago, to have her itch scratched, but he was called away for a family emergency. She is working up the nerve to ask him if he would like to come home with her. I'm sure when she asks, he will gladly accept.
I, of course, am present at each occasion, for safety issues, and I also rather enjoy the the entertainment. One of the stipulations for participation is that they agree for pictures and video to be taken by me.