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New Here

Hi everyone, I'm a 23 year old white guy with a smaller penis. It's slightly over 5 inches long when it's 100% erect.

I've only had one serious girlfriend, and when I asked her how I measured up to her past lovers it was out of pure curiosity. I never played any locker room sports growing up, so I was completely ignorant of the matter. Being a very nice, yet very honest, person she was hesitant to answer. Eventually though she reluctantly admitted that I had the shortest cock she had seen, but hurriedly added that she didn't think it was "any skinnier" than most she had seen and that "girth is what actually matters". It hit me very hard, and I was quite upset for a while; however, it made me feel strangely aroused when I caught myself thinking of her previous lovers satisfying her in ways I couldn't. It wasn't long before I discovered the concept of cuckolding on the internet, and I've been obsessed ever since. My ex loves black guys, but she has only hooked up with one before and they only went to first base. I fantasized and masturbated endlessly to the idea of her getting fucked by large black cock but I was too scared to say anything about my fantasies.

So ya, that's the story of how I became interested in this stuff. I am big into SPH, and would love to be cuckolded.
Ok. Ya, that's not my thing. But, I know there are lots of guys here that are probably into that. There is a process on how to get your girl to try and most likely get hooked on BBC. Ask around.
Typically, I've heard that you should introduce IR porn into your foreplay routine. Little by little as some woman react differently.You mentioned your ex likes black guys. What about your current gf? Next, you should buy a good size black dildo to get your woman used to the idea of being stretched out by that Alabama blacksnake. lol