New here, very curious


I am new here, but very curious about all of this. I have a good friend who has recently experienced her first black guy, and she has me intrigued as well. A little about me - 41, married, 2 great kids. This is all brand new to me, but my friend says I can get some help and information on here. As you can imagine, I have a lot of questions, I'm not real sure where to begin. I guess I will start by asking if there are similar women like me (happily married) who do this, and what is it like? What are the pros and cons, especially for your marriage? Any unforeseen consequences, both good and bad?

Hope to hear back from some of you.


rahain harris

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Thank you for the welcome and the compliments. And yes, I am reading alot, lol. Just still curious how many wives have this desire and actually do it.
Welcome to the forum! You will learn so much here. I am a wife and mom like you, and I recently experienced my first black guy this past May. It was amazing, the best sex ever. Just talk about it with your hubby, be on the same page. That was what made it so good for me, my hubby's consent and encouragement. I have played two more times since then.

You won't regret it if you decide to do it.
Thank you cps! I was hoping to hear from a woman, a wife and mom like me, who has actually done this. I will send you a pm.


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Yes you are doing it right nice and slow as you can see you have tons of men wanting you but it's crucial to get the right man who can take where and how you want to go with are stunning and I wish could train you into the lifestyle at your pace and extent if you want advice or chat I have 2/3 women who I regular meet up with, just let me know x