New here, but for two years in the lifestyle.

Me submissive white male, who lacks the stamina to give my wife what she needs sexually.
My wife, a curvy brunette who really loves sex, and needs it much more than i can give her.
We are open minded, and she always knew i was submissve.
So 2 years ago we talked about it on a summer evening with a bottle wine.
She confessed that she was missing things in her sex life. She did not want to cheat on me, but the feelings were getting stronger.
I felt guilty that i never was capable to fulfill her needs, for so many years, and offered her that when she wanted it she could have a lover (Bull).
At first it was difficult for her, but in a few weeks she agreed.
One week later we had our first cuckold adventure, with a well hung black male, and i must agree, for them it was a success. Not for me, i had to look, and did see him give her things that i never could. And she really enjoyed it.
I felt jealous,and we had a lot of discussions the weeks after that.
I tried to compete, proofing i was just as good as her Bull was.
Useless offcourse, and when time past on i did get used with the situation.
Her Bull was demanding and dominant, and they were pushing me further in my cuckold role.
When going to work she wrote with a marker cuckold on my butt, and after a few weeks a chastity device was bought as a present for me. First a CB3000, after that a steelworxx.
After 1 year, my wife wanted to have a cuckold sign on her butt, (black spade) and she insisted that i had a cuckold marking too.
Mine is placed above my little one.
And so, there is no way back anymore she now has what she wants, and i am forever in mental chastity and if i ever would think about cheating, there is that tattoo to prevent me.
Is this radicaL i dont know, this is the way how we experience our cukold life.
We are not looking for contact, and i am not going to post pictures of my wife, because she dont want that.
I just wanted to tell our story, and that if you really love your wife, just let her sexually free, otherwise there is a chance you could lose her.