New here -been lurking a while

Hey guys-Name is Jackson. 30s, white male. Have a gf (she knows nothing). I LOVE interracial sex. I like black women/white men and of course white women/black men. It's great. I have been into the scene a while. I am NOT a sissy, fag, crossdresser, or a cuck. I am just turned on by interracial. I have met tons of white girls/women online via social media who have at times divulged to me their interest in black men. NOW, I do this "posing" as a female. So many of my friends know me as well not me. But the times I tried to ask girls on Facebook for example about sexual issues they totally told me to get lost. But if you do it as a "girl" they are willing to really open up. It's been awesome. Many of these girls have had no experiences with black men, but I can tell you they are very open minded and I think many will at least try one day. The ones who do admit to having sex with black men are super awesome. :)

I have a good job, career, I am smart...I just got this one fetish and yea I'm probably not totally normal. I am trying to maintain some degree of anonymity, but will share as needed.

I have already been posting pictures and such on the websites. Some of the pictures are of just random girls I don't know, others....may well be into black men. Many are.

Thanks all.