New here after being curious for so long

Hey everyone, I'm van, 24 male UK. I've been unable to control my fantasies about cuckolding and sex between white girls and big black men for a long time now. I'm a straight, single guy but the whole cuckolding porn videos and stories i've been reading online has sort of brainwashed me and I seem to only want to get off to porn involving black men dominate white girls..

Anyhow that's my story of who I am and why i'm here. This forum looks like the right place for me and hopefully you can all relate to what i'm going through
lol Im black and Im 4 inches when its hard so there is big white and other race guys too Im personaly bisexual ..and I would'nt mind watching some white guy shaggin a black or wat ever women its kinds turn on for me cos Im small too :)