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new gf

So I gotta new gf, my last one came so close to tryin bbc but once we made arrangements she left me. Thing is my new gf is reallllly apriencive about anything sexual (havnt even convinced her to suck my dick yet) so idk how I should approach this?
Take it slowwwwwww.... the thing turned me on to desiring bbc was my bf and me fantasizing about watching me do another man (not necessarily a black). This became a desire and we began looking Internet for videos about it. Many of the videos we could find were of a black man with a white woman and her bf or husband watching. This was the start and after watching these videos for manyyyy times I noticed my amazement at the size of the bbc's and began to become desiring to fuck with one. This is how I came to join this forum which has also been a hugeeeee help to me in following on with this fantasy to make in real. Gooooooood luck with your new gf! you can turn her to lust after bbc as i did if you are patience and wise!