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So being from So Cal, I've had sex at the beach, in the surf, during sun set, etc. I've never had sex in the rain or a storm. Seems at least 4 times a week it rains here. So I want to make this huge amount of rain work to my advantage. I'm usually in The Woodlands but who wants to have some seriously hot sex in the rain. I think it would be sexy as all hell.



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How about on a Catamaran in the ocean in full daylight? My family and I took a vacation to Siesta Key (Fla) several years ago with another family. My friend brought along some deck binoculars he stole from the Navy ship he was discharged on, and we were sitting on the balcony at the Sandcastle hotel looking out over the Gulf ... those were some serious binoculars; he said those were his "pussy spying" glasses. Anyways, he spotted a catamaran out about 7-8 miles and this woman was having sex with 2 guys. They didn't think anyone could see them out that far, I guess, but we had a good view. They went at it for over an hour, then dove into the ocean to clean up and then put their clothes on to come back to shore. My wife watched her for a few minutes and just smirked ... she loves MMFs.


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