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New Couple

the dog

Gold Member
Hey everyone! Just made this account for fun we're not looking into fulfilling this fantasy anytime soon, but it is a BIG turn on for both of us seeing as we both enjoy exhibitionism. I guess really we're both just teases haha, her especially.

We've talked about swinging and involving other people and are both comfortable with it. Now we're just messing around on the internet looking online relationships with other females and or Master/Daddy/Sir men (I'm a switch she's a sub). One question that comes to mind, are there any other websites you would suggest for couples based around the swinging lifestyle?

Thanks in advanced. If anyone has any questions or just wants to leave a few naughty comments (please!) feel free. Below is our imagefap profile where you can look at both our pictures.

Welcome! hopefully take the necessary steps to fulfill your fantasies!