new couple here

Hi guys

New here.
UK based couple looking for future breeding based on strong opinions about natural selection, chemistry and animal instinct.

Black men are physically superior.
more testosterone, more muscular, more athletic and generally larger.
Usually they are more fertile and studies have shown that a woman is 400% more likely to orgasm with a black man.

The female orgasm is designed to "suck" cum into the uterus and black men are therefore more capable and able to fertilise women.

Interracial sex is a beautiful thing and all white women should mate with black men to ensure the next generation is strong and dominant.

we should remember that we are animals.
Marriage, jealousy, taboo, culture.... all this is no match for chemistry and biology.

A woman should have mates competing for her, she should have several men mating with her and nature will decide who wins.

As a white man i accept that in a contest with a black lover i would not win.
He would claim her womb and thats just nature.

Anyway, it would be good to hear from you all.


welcome to the place u will definitely find what u r looking for. Hope u find someone near to u, its a pitty am not in UK now but anyway am in north africa so we are kinda close :D
Can anyone recommend a suitable guy for us?

The lady is 28.
5ft 7 size 14. 36DD breasts
Brunette, spray tan, false nails, heels, fishnets, lingerie, lots of make up especially lipgloss.
Very pretty and very cute and submissive.
Loves to be pinned down, dominated, treated rough and for her man to take charge.