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New Black Lover Part 2


Real Person
First Play Date

It had been a whole week since we met my new lover. I replay the scenes at the restaurant over and over in my mind. The lingering kiss, his hot hands, and his rock hard massive black cock. A part of me can't even believe that it really happened. Every time I think about my lover my pussy immediately floods. I can't say that my husband isn't reaping the benefits. I've been so horny that even fucking many times a day doesn't seem to scratch the itch. As soon as my husband cums I'm already begging him to fuck me again. And he's only too happy to help me with this problem.

While we fucked we talk about my dirty naughty thoughts. How I want to be fucked and what my expectations were for my first play date tonight. I could tell my husband was just as excited as I was, maybe more with anticipation and excitement at the thought of his wife getting her little Asian pussy stretched inside out. "Feeling a Bloody Mary tonight before I drop you off?" My husband asked me. "You know me baby, I always want a Bloody Mary... Extra spicy please." I said. As my husband went to build my drink I decided to jump into the shower for a quick rinse.

I turned the shower onto warm, almost hot. The water ran down my breasts, back, and legs. A warm shower feels so nice and refreshing. I took the shower head down and turned it to the massaging setting and let it run down my neck and back. Sitting on the ledge in the shower I moved the shower head across my legs... my pussy started to throb. I swear my pussy has a mind of its own! I placed the shower head in between my legs and immediately felt my clit tense up. I moved the water in circles around my clit and felt the intensity build up around my pussy. I reached down with my free hand to hold my pussy lips apart as I moved the massager back and forth. My pussy was throbbing and so wet with thick juice I could feel how slippery it was through the water. I came with such intensity I had to close my eyes. When I opened them my husband was standing at the shower door holding my drink. "Enjoying yourself there?" He said with a smile. "You look lovely when you cum." He said as he handed me a towel.

Drying off I took a sip of my Bloody Mary. Cool, spicy, and so refreshing. Beats a sweet syrupy drink any day. As I got dressed I threw some things into my bag. Body spray, extra lace panties, tank top, tooth brush in case I need to freshen up, cellphone charger, and KY... Just in case I needed a little extra lube. Finishing off the last of my drink I gathered all my things and we set off. On the drive over to my lover's place we talked about my thoughts and excitement. Before I knew it we were pulling up. We got out of the car and walked up to the door and before I could even ring the doorbell the door opened.

There he was again, my new lover. I turned to my husband who gave me a hug and a kiss. "Call me when you're ready to come home." He said. "Relax and have fun." He said to me as he turned back to the car. My lover held the door open so I could get my bag in. I stepped into his home, took a deep breath and asked him where I should put my bag. He took it into the bedroom while I sat down on the couch. He came back out and sat down next to me. He brought his mouth down onto mine and slowly kissed me while he laid me back. "I've been waiting all week to see you." He said between kisses. I placed my hands on his shoulder and clung onto his shirt. "Me too." I managed to say in between kisses. I could smell his cologne on him, the same familiar scent that filled me at the restaurant.

As he lifts my shirt off, his mouth travels down my neck and onto my chest. He continues to lick down my breasts placing little light kisses here and there. Reaching behind me, he unhooked my bra and lets it fall exposing my breasts. "I've been imagining how these feel and tastes." He said as he cups them in his large warm hands. He covers my nipple with his warm moist mouth. Slowly swirling his tongue around and around, sucking my nipples softly one then the other. I can feel my nipples harden as he moved between them.

I leaned forward causing him to lay back and straddled his legs as I took his shirt off. I could feel his strong shoulders and ran my hands down his chest and then his abdomen. I could feel a huge bump growing in between my legs where I was sitting. "See what you do to me?" He said with a smile. I rubbed his cock through his pants and thought to myself, yes I was not imagining it. My lover's cock was big, thick, and hard. I unzipped his pants and he slipped them off. He sat me back down and slowly pulled my pants and panties down, taking his time.

He spread my legs and felt my wet pussy. "Oh my god you're dripping wet... I really like that butterfly tattoo by your pussy too." He said. "See what you do to me?" I said with a smile. He continues to rub my clit softly while my hips rock back and forth softly. He stands up and I stroke his massive cock. Using both hands I stroke it from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and he takes a sharp breath. Slowly I suck on the tip of his head. His cock is so big I have a hard time getting more than half way down his shaft. Using my hands I stroke the shaft of his cock as I suck the head. I can feel his hips start to move in rhythm to my sucking. My mouth is salivating as I suck and lick. I got up and sat him down on the couch. I asked him to snap a few photos with my phone of me sucking his cock. I wanted to send some photos to my husband so that it would wet his appetite for me later. He was more than happy to do so and found it erotic to snap pictures while I suck away at his cock.

He returned the favor and covered my clit with his mouth. My lover expertly ate my pussy from my clit down to my asshole. He sucked on my pussy lips from one side to the other. He brought his tongue down and penetrated my pussy bringing me almost to climax. "Oh my god please put your cock in my pussy. I'm gonna burst if you don't do it now!" I moaned. He asked me if I wanted to record the first penetration for my husband. Of course I wanted to record my first penetration of his big black cock . He handed me my phone and as I held onto it he rubs his cock on the opening of my pussy. I heard a moan escape my own lips this time. With my pussy throbbing I wanted his cock so bad. "Put your cock in my pussy." I said. His large cock head entered my pussy, and cause me to breathe in deep. "Oh my god your cock is huge!" I said breathlessly. " Are you ok?" He asked me. "I'm fine, it feels as amazing as I thought it would!" I said.

Slowly he eased his huge cock deeper into my pussy. It was pain I felt now, I took a sharp breath and my legs trembled a little. "It's a good thing your pussy is dripping wet. Makes it easier to get my cock in. Can I go further in?" He asked. "Yes, I want you all the way inside me." I said. He continued to go deeper and the searing pain in my pussy eases a little bit. "Oh my god, it feels so good!" I moaned. Finally I feel the base of his cock at the opening of my pussy. "You're pussy is so tight. Can you feel my cock stretching it!" He asked as he started to move inside me. "Oh yeah baby... I feel like my pussy's gonna rip." I said. My lover continues to slide his massive cock in and out of my pussy. I can feel my pussy juices dripping down my asshole. Oh god I needed something to hold on to. Putting my phone down I grabbed onto his arms as he continues to fuck me. I feel every inch of his thick shaft as he fucks me with long strokes. He brings his mouth down over mine and continues to fuck my pussy. My breathing is hard and fast now. I can feel my body getting flushed. "Faster, faster... Yes! Oh god harder, fuck me harder!" I screamed. I love getting fucked hard, no one knows that better than my husband. "I'm gonna pound your pussy and return it to your husband swollen baby!" He said. His arms held me from underneath so that I couldn't move. His cock continued to fuck, faster and harder. I came with such force and just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore I felt his cock explode inside me. He slowed down and picked up my phone. "Need to get your cum filled pussy for your husband." He said with a wicked smile. I could feel his cum gush out as he pulled his cock out.

"Stay here, I need to get something for us to clean up with." He said. I took my phone and shot some pictures of me sucking cock and the video of my first penetration to my husband. My lover returned and handed me a towel. "How about we continue in the bedroom?" He suggested. I follow him in and two hours later with my legs feeling like jello, I called my husband to pick me up. I kissed my lover and asked him if it was as good for him as it was for me. "I need to see you next weekend baby." Was his response... So I see it was good for him too. We booked our next play date for the following weekend and as I climbed into the car I asked my husband if he received the pictures I sent him. My husband replied "They were beautiful, and I see your cheeks are flushed, your hair is tousled, and your legs are a bit wobbly... I think your lover accomplished his task baby." He said. "I can't wait to get you home and in bed, I was horny thinking about you all night!" He smiled as we pulled away.