New Black Lover Part 1


Real Person
Wife and I had been married for 20+ years. Through these times we've role play and fantasize about other sexual encounter. 2 years ago her Bi-Curious side got the best of us and her Bi encounter turned into a partner swinging event. That'll be another story she'll have to share with you all on another note.

We've played with the couple for a year before they moved out of state. Recently, she'd like to explorer again but this time with a Black Lover.

We've been in contact with one and here's how it went according to her...

It was a nice evening for a walk along the river downtown. My husband and I had decided to stroll along the river for a bit before heading to our destination the Chophouse for a meet and greet with a "new friend" I should say. Having some pre meeting jitters I had a large glass of Bloody Mary at home before heading out tonight. My husband makes the best damn spicy Bloody Mary in the world and he knew just how I liked mine. It sure took the edge off a bit.

As we leisurely strolled along the river he asked what was on my mind. I told him the fact that I had no idea what to expect was a little intimidating, not to mention a bit nerve racking to me... But at the same time it was exciting and a new adventure for us as well. We had been waiting for this day for 3 months as I was pregnant and waiting to heal properly first. 3 months of waiting and talking about it, emails back and forth and tonight has finally arrived. We walked hand in hand and talked and enjoyed each other's company for the time being. "Well, are you ready for this?" He asked. "Yeah, I think so. Let's go." I said with a little laugh. I think I was ready to do this, after all it was just a meet and greet right?

We head down to the steakhouse and found a parking spot. Our new friend was already there and seated, he was just waiting for us to arrive. As we walked into the Chophouse the atmosphere was bustling and the lights a bit dimmed. The tables and booths were made of dark wood draped with white tablecloths. I noticed a large bull statue in the middle of the dining room, well after all it is a steakhouse right? I couldn't remember if I smelled any food... Probably because I was thinking of the meeting. We were greeted with a friendly host and directed back into a secluded booth.

There he was. He had an easy smile, nice build, and smiled as we walked up. With a handshake I slid into the booth across from him and my husband slid in next to me. The conversation started between the two guys about how our days were going to the weather. It was comfortable leisure small talk. We ordered a seafood appetizer and waited for it to arrive. I ordered a glass of white wine to sip along while we waited. The food came in no time and we started to graze on it and made small talk. As I finished my glass of wine my husband ordered another glass for me then got up to leave. Smiling at me he said "Have a great time. Just text me when I should be back to pick you up."

And just like that I watched as my husband left the table and walked out leaving me alone with a stranger. Oh god! My heart rapidly pounding as I looked across the table. Reminding myself to just breathe I smiled and took a sip of wine as he smiled across at me. "Would you mind if I sat next to you?" He asked. "No, not at all." I answered scooting deeper into the booth. I watched as he slid easily right into the booth next to me. His thighs touched mine as he made himself comfortable. It was burning hot along side my thigh, as he reached behind me to put his hand around my back. His hand was hot along my lower back as he rubbed it slowly. I could almost feel a little moan come on as he continues to rub.

"How are you feeling tonight?" He asked. "I'm feeling good." I answered as he lowered his mouth onto mine. I could taste the smooth wine still on his breath. He teased and savored, lingering longer in some areas allowing me to take as I pleased but never forcing. Then he lifted his head allowing me to take a deep breath. I could smell his cologne wetting my appetite even more. I have never been with a black man before but always wanted the experience. I took his hand and noticed how large it was compared to my own. We were sitting so close I could feel the heat radiating off him. I placed my hand on his lap and it brushed against a very large lump. I continue to sip my wine and we talked about his and my past experiences.

Trying to keep it more casual on top of the table so as not to draw too much attention to us. Rubbing my hand over his thigh I found his cock. It was rock solid and huge shocking me a bit. This was my first black cock and it was a monster. He kept a cool smile and I continue to rub his cock through his slacks. Under the table I unzipped his zipper and slid my hand into his pants. I wanted to feel just how big his cock was. As I closed my hand over his shaft he shifted just enough so I had some room to rub his thick hard cock. My fingers just made it around his thick shaft. I followed the base of his cock to the tip of his head. As I rubbed the head I felt the precum that was dripping from his cock. I could imagine how his thick black cock was going to stretch my pussy. I could imagine how he would slide it into my wet dripping pussy and as he pulled out how my pussy would turn inside out. He slid his hand down my backside and squeezed my ass. I let out a breath and let his hand slide around to my front, cupping my breast on the side. We had to stop there or we'd drive each other mad.

Knowing this was not the time or place to go further we held back. We made plans to go to his place for our first play date. I excused myself to the restroom so that I could breathe. My pussy was drenching wet. I text my husband to come and pick me up. I return to the table and thanked him for a wonderful time. We finished at the table and he walked me outside to wait for my husband.

As my husband pulled up we had a goodbye hug then I got into our car. My husband asked me how my dinner date was and I reached over to take his hand and placed it on my dripping pussy. "This is how my date went." I said with a smile. I couldn't wait to get home to fuck so I asked him to pull off into the cornfield. We climbed into the backseat of the car and I ripped at his pants unzipping it, tearing it to the side so I could feel his hard cock. Telling him how I rubbed my new black lover's hard thick cock under the table only made my husbands cock precum. I closed my mouth over his cock to taste the precum as he fingered my wet pussy. Faster he fucked my pussy with his finger until I came and he let me lick my cum off his hand. I straddled his hips between my legs and lowered my pussy onto his hard cock.

As I fucked his cock I told my husband how he cupped my breast and kissed me at the table. I told him how thick and round and hard my lover's cock was. I detailed my husband how I stroke and rubbed his huge thick black cock under the table and felt his precum dripping from the head. I told him how it would stretch my pussy and then how it would turn my pussy inside out as he fucked me. I continue to fuck my husband until he grabbed my ass and thrusted into my pussy harder and faster. I screamed for him to fuck me, my pussy was trembling. I was on the verge of cumming.

I could feel my face and body heat up, I was feeling flushed with each thrust of his cock. My husband met me thrust per thrust and as I felt his cock explode inside my pussy I let myself go too. My climax came in waves and waves over me. I slowed my rhythm as my pussy calmed down. I felt my husband's body go limp and I slowly kissed him. "Thank you for a wonderful night. I can't wait for my next play date with my new black lover." I said. My husband only smiled and said "You're welcome."