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So, my husband and I have been fantasizing a lot about me fucking a BBM.. I'm totally serious in wanting to and k think he is but I also think he's nervous.. First- any suggestions on how to assure him that it will be fun and sexy? Second- how do I find the BBM to take away my BBM virginity? Do people typically bring their partner home or to a hotel? Do you ask them to get tested or get test results from them if you prefer To go bareback? I'm so new at this but am extremely interested in fulfilling my fantasy...

P.s. I'm located in the twin cities of any bbms out there are interested... ;)


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If you intend to go bareback...get your tests done...if your hubby is it out... Speak with your would be lover...once all of you are in the hotel...that will help you shed your hotel rooms are made for can be your at your sexual inhibitions.... Take small steps.....and I need to get together with you when I visit St. Paul..we have an office there...
For safety first meet in a hotel I guess before your home. It's normal hubby is nervous and excited. As long as your emotions are in check and u know it's purely fun. He can either watch u get fucked or u can take a video for him to watch if he don't wanna see u live.

Up to date medical tests should be done together if u wanna do bareback . Interracial sex is awesome all the best babe