New army cuck first post ever :)

Hello my name is Devon. I am a SWM in the army seeking a cuckoldress in northern Florida. I’m 35 in shape and attractive. My ideal partner would be a woman addicted to BBC. I’m not really into pain but I do enjoy humiliation. All though I tend to be a bit different in that category. I think deeper psychological chucking is sexiest. Being dismissed as irrelevant or not worthy I think is far sexier than being insulted. Just to give you an idea here are some very brief fantasies I have. I know some are just too far out to be a reality but they turn me on none the less.
1. A black bull comes into our home invited to cuckold me and dominates both of us. I am banished to the other side of the house and am not allowed to talk to either of you or make eye contact when brought into the room to witness what he’s done to you. My only release is masterbate facing the corner while you two watch and then I am kicked out until the next day.
2. You have a black master who makes me drive you to his house. While you are in the bedroom I do chores around his house until he releases you. Sometimes you wear a chastity belt when you leave so I can’t enter you. I would love to hold my wife at night while she wears one for another man.
3. We are dating and I have to ask permission from your black lover to date you. I puck you up at his house and have to bring you back when he says. When I pick you up. You are freshly fucked or being fucked so while we are out you’re filled with black cum.
4. At our wedding you are filled with black cum
5. At our wedding you are either sitting on a BBC or he is behind you with his cock in you while we are wed.
6. Somehow I am able to be with you sexually but when I cum it is not my semen but his that I shoot into you. I would love to come knowing it is his seed I’m shooting into your fertile body. I’ve thought about ways to make it happen. Maybe a used condom turned inside out and twisted. So eventually it untwists and releases into you.
7. We are married but you fall in love with your bull and he joins us as your number one husband. I am number two and give up sexual rights to you and stay to serve you two in your new lives together.
Anyway I know some are really far fetched and they were condensed but I just wanted to give you a glimpse in my head.
My email address is