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New and looking for someone in CT


Real Person
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I'm a sexy, short ,brunette with a phat booty and tight waist. Never had a BBC and curious to fulfill my boyfriends cuckolds fantasy and my curiosity of having him watch me fulfilled. I'm in Connecticut if want to chat an explore a new friendship.
So, you are a single female or part of a couple?

Are you "REAL"??


Real Person
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A couple see the first post where I say boyfriend and my cuckold fantasy. Don't worry he is straight. Be just would watch or maybe join in to double team me I'm thinking. I'm new to this but that's how I think it go. Like me getting fucked from behind by a BBC while I suck his cock then give him chance to see what he can do after that BBC was in me while I can see hoe much off the BBC I can deep throat...lol that's how I imagine it.