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Color of skin is just that a color. Male private parts come in all different shapes and sizes. One race isn't larger ( superior ) to another. The only thing i can come up with is that even today a white woman with a black man is somewhat taboo. And of course the stereotype that blacks are the largest compared to whites and on down from there. To say all black men are bigger and better in bed is ridiculous , to say all white men are smaller and incapable of providing a woman the same enjoyment a black man can is ridiculous. For the white man ( any man of any race ) who is very sexual and " naughty " who wasn't blessed down there, i more than understand the sexual arousal of picturing your wife/girlfriend having intercourse with a more endowed man of any race. I realize not every situation is alike, and sometimes the woman is first to have thoughts of being with a larger man. However i believe more often then not, it's men who start the conversation. In my opinion bigger isn't always better. I've watched alot of cuckold videos where the women are in more agony then pleasure because the size is just outrageous. I believe it's true that the first 4 inches inside any woman is the most sensitive not saying going deeper can't feel good but is it really that much better? I have serious doubt, but it depends on the woman. I believe girth is more important than length. IMG_20120601_154448.jpg