New adventure

Hello guys,
I realize we are new to here, but I thought you all would like to read about our fist step into the cuck world. The wife(Sue) and I have been married for 22 years-quite happily too. Lately we have talked of involving another man while I watched. Irealize this may not be a true cockold part but we are getting there. It started out at a Casino trip we made one weekend. We had spent the better part of the day gambling and working our way through the beers. as evening rolled around I told Sue I was gonna head up to the room to rest. She returned to the room about 10 pm to see if I was ready to come back down. I told her I thought I was done for the night. She went in to use the bathroom, and came out and asked if I was sure. I then noticed she had changed her clothes to a skirt and a low cut clingy top, with no bra. Sue has lost about 30lbs in the last year, so she really enjoys showing that off. Fortuanlty she didnt lose any boob size, remaining a 34D. She is also one of the fortunate ones who has rather large nipples and dark areolas. All this on a 5'2 115 lb frame. So her outfit was quite revealing, and I decided to meet her back down at the casino. I went down about 1/2 an hour after her to find her at ther favorite slot machine, sitting between another couple and a mid 30's gentleman. The couple soon ran out of $ and left-leaving me to sit next to Sue. I soon discovered why the other guy was still there. Everytime Sue bent over to pick coins out of the bucket-he got a great shot of her nipples. He also was dropping coins every now and then, having to bend over to pick them up. As he did Sue would lean to that side and let a breast rub his arm. But he soon ran out of money too. As he got up to leave he turned to us and thanked us for the great time, and just had to tell Sue what nice breasts she had. She thanked him for the compliment, then said he was welcome to say goodbye to them. He looked at me and I just smiled. Tom reached over and cupped the left one in his hand, gently squeezing and lifting it, the leaned over nad kissed Sue goodbye. As he left he said he would be in the bar if we headed that way. After a few mins. Sue asked if we should head there too- why not I said. We walked in but didnt see Tom right away. We sat at a table near the dance floor and soon had two beers delivered to our table- TOm had sent them. Of course Sue invited him to the table. Small talk ensued and soon he asked her to dance. After a while I watched as they slow danced-obviously Sue was into it as she left him feel her all over. Even slightly exposing one breast to the nipple. They then returned to the table, and Tom left to use the bathroom. Sue asked if I was enjoying what I was seeing-I showed her how much by placing her hand in my lap. That got her really going! SHe then got up to go use the bathroom too. After about 15 mins I got up, cleared the tab, and went to find her/him. I did. In an alcove in the hallway to the bathroom. Tom had her top lifted on one side and he sucked on her nipple-she was leaning back on the wall enjoying it! I told Sue I was heading up to the room-if they wanted to join me. I was in the room about 10 mins when they both came in. It was obviuos he had sucked on both her nipples as her shirt was wet and see through. We again made small talk and opened a couple of beers. Sue had me sit in a chair as she walked to Tom and began kissing him again. It didnt take long for him to pull off her top. And I watched as he pulled and twisted her nipples. She in the mean time had loosened his pants and was stroking down the front of them. I walked behind Sue and rubbed her butt, and Tom and I assisted her out of her skirt. SHe was wearing a red thong, which we also helped lower to the ground. She then walked me back to the chair, and turned around to face Tom. I saw his one hand go to her tit and the other reach between her legs. SHe had lowered his pants by now and he had taken off his shirt. As I watched from behind Sue I saw the head of his cock poke between her legs. She then lifted up on her toes as Tom bent down slightly and I heard it slip into her pussy Tom then lifted her leg around his waist and began a slow rythem. I could hear her telling him how hot his cock felt. He then lifted her to the bed and slid her on her back, straddling her chest. With one fluid motion he was in her mouth and resumed the sme rythem. After a few mins. of that he pulled out and slid back down between her legs. I watched as he effortlessly split her wide and how glistening Sue made his cock. Both resumed the in and out rythem. It didnt take long until she was begging him to fuck her harder, and he was working her nipples over as he did, almost pulling her straight up off the bed by them. It didnt take long for either of them to reach a climax- I could see how his cock throbbed and he filled her full of his sperm. I though he had emptied his load as he pulled out- But he surprised both Sue and I by stroking another full batch all over her stomach and tits They both took a breather, opening another beer, when Sue came over to me and asked if I enjoyed the show. She reached down and squeeezed between my legs-saying I guess so. SHe then turned to Tom and asked if he was up to another round. He was already stroking himself back to size as she asked, and reached forward to grab a nipple-bringing Sue to a mini orgasm...