nervous about first time blacked

Hey new guy here. Im 19 yr old white boi. 5'7" about 145lb skinny / muscle build. My question is This is a 7.5" long by 1.5" diameter black cock a good size? I mean 1.5" is the size of a toilet paper roll the carboard part. And think thats pretty thick compared to my white cock. Mine is 5.5" long and like 1 1/8" diameter . The reason i ask is a black friend of mine wants to bang me. And he said thats his measurements. Which may not be big to some but is bigger than me lol. Ive had anal from other white guy.
and he were same size as me 5.5 and 1" or so in diameter. So the 1.5" diameter bbc will stretch me pretty good im thinking? The white guy who fucked me lasted 15 mins. I told my friend i doubt he'd last long. He claims he can fuck my white ass for a long time before he wears out. Hope within next few weeks i learn what makes the white girls like it?

Any pics maybe of a 7.5 or 7" bbc on here? 1.5" thick
I havnt seen his cock yet but now its all i can think about