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Needing Guidance!!!

We are truly excited of this lifestyle, but don't know where to begin. It's been my husband's and my fantasy to have and pleasure a BBC!! Since we've opened up to each other in letting know what really turns us on, my panties have been dripping wet!!! My mouth is constantly salivating, wanting a huge black cock to please and give the ultimate pleasure too! Don't know how to begin, and who to talk too? What is expected of us? What are the rules? Love to know if their are BBC's with passion? Pleading for a BBC to show us the way! This is our first time, please be gentle.


Real Person
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Hello 1sweetpleasure,

You will get a lot of advice from this and other boards likes this one. Some of these people are real, some fakes. Some think everyone but them are fakes. Many will give very good advice. You can learn from the people on here. Most will say the same things to begin with.

We believe It is critical that you and your husband are in a very secure relationship. This must be a mutual desire at all times. One of the biggest turn on's, as well as relationship anchors is open and honest communications. This includes before and after (you will be preoccupied during... lol). Talk about how you both feel. What doi you want from this? What is not OK? There is a big difference between fantasy and reality. Communications will help bridge that gap and secure your current relationship, as well as the one(s) you will enter.

Now the door... if you will. The old saying "Once you go black, you never go back" is true in many different ways. You both need to not only understand this but embrace it as well. Jealously can destroy a good thing if allowed to foster.

We are very open and not jealous in any way ( well not jealous like you would expect).

Never allow pressure (from anyone) to play any part. Do not confuse sex with love, or love with sex. They are different and should be kept that way.

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I also think finding the right bull is key for your guys first time make sure he understands the point your at and is patient and sympathetic

That said I'm so excited for you your going to love it
My wife made me ask her to fuck other men and I went with her when she picked her first guy up at a local hotel bar, I listened outside the room door and she made me kiss and lick her after. She made sure that I was totally committed and I had to prove that I was. She always had a stable of bulls for pleasure and to reduce any chance of jealousy. You both can have lots of fun if you find ways to make it work for you. Remember that you are asking your husband to do things that most men would be horrified to do.