Need suggestion for place to stay in Bahamas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Juicebecks, May 12, 2014.

  1. Juicebecks

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    My gf and I will be visiting the bahamas this summer and need a recommendation of where to stay. We're not looking for a "swinger" resort, but do want a place with nude beaches or pool. We're going to make a long weekend trip sometime in June. Probably leave on a Thursday after work and return on a Sunday.

    Also, any suggestions of a good place to find a bbc bull would be appreciated.
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  2. sugardaddy71

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    You deserve to own a white cuckold eunuch that will pay for you to stay in the best places
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  3. Torpedo

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    The Breezes Bahamas is your best choice. The have nude beaches and are adults only. As I recall no one under 14 YO is allowed and 14-17 YO must be accompanied by an adult over 21. (I am not sure about the ages) As far as meeting someone that mostly relies on your social skills.
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  4. fedom bitch

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    hi i'm a female dom here in the bahamas if you want to meet up for us to have some fun message me back
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