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so i've spoken with a few women on here already, but to make a long story short....been a lurker here for awhile now, with my boyfriend for the last 3 years. there have been some times where i've questioned if he was loyal, but i always have been. a friend of mine mentioned her black lover and kind of got me curious, came across this site to only realize that this is something i REALLY want to happen - but i'm in a serious relationship. the sex is somewhat boring, he's not that big and the idea of a big black cock gets me instantly turned on. i'm trying to get some advice and input from other women around my age / in similar situations. please, PM me and I can give you my kik - i don't have very many people to talk about this as my girlfriends do not date black men.


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.....If sex btw you and your BF has become a bit boring, its as much up to you as him to lively it up. This is one of the biggest issues with couples after they've been with each other for a while. Fortunately for you, you're not married, so you have tons of options. But one thing is for sure, a couple's loyalty & ability to be open with each other about issues shows the true grit of the relationship. If it's still living off the novelty of love, it'll struggle and maybe die. If it is developing off true friendship and respect for each other, it will thrive. After 3 years together, you should know where you are in this relationship. If its going "nowhere", its better to pull the ripcord now than wait 'till later.
.....If you really want the relationship to last, but desire fresh ideas, its time to sit down and discuss them with him. If it is your desire to simply experience other relationships, its best to be honest and tell him that as well. One thing for sure, however, don't expect cheating with BBC to solve your issues with him; it'll actually complicate it after a while.
.....I think THIS is what most of us ultimately desire in a relationship ... its the journey looking for that person that makes it so interesting. Right?
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Yeah lots of decisions I have to make. Just wanted to find some like minded women to vent to and get advice from, but most likely my relationship will be ending soon anyway, the spark is gone and it's almost as if he expects me to stay despite him not trying at all.