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    over the past several years I have really tried to get my wife into the bbc/cuckold lifestyle!

    Unfortunately, she just isn't having any of it! Don't get me wrong, she like to please me. She is my high school sweetheart and I never imaging back in the day I would ever want another man fucking my girl let alone a huge black cock!

    That's was about 25 years ago!

    Anyhow she is super hot and sweet and loved to please me! She allows me to fuck her her with black dildoes and she does actually enjoy it once we get going!
    She will also look a tad bit at a black cock cumming on white pussy, it turns her on, it's just very difficult !
    Any cuckolds out there that have ever been in this situation I would love to here from you!
    I'm not into the black is superior thing! I have a nice big dick but just enjoy watching my enjoy a fat black cock!

    Would love to here some advice!
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    drwahi, you should maybe accept the fact that some married females are simply not going to dishonor their wedding vows, particularly in front of their husbands. Women tend to be a bit more practical when it comes to making decisions like that. I don't think you may be all that sure how you'll really react when and if she does what you desire, but, she realizes that if you end up realizing the ere of your decision, the deed will have been done, and it wouldn't be retractable. She's probably very protective of her marriage and relation with you, plus, you probably have children by now ... she might wonder what her children would think IF the two of you split over your sexual relationship with another man, much less a black man. She would be the one looking bad.

    That said, however, you probably need her to reach a point where she is willing to cross over her boundaries of logic and satisfy her lustful, hedonistic side. Has she ever even been with any other men at all since you married her? Do you know or have the two of you ever verbally shared your personal, deepest, sexual fantasies? That'll be a "soft spot" if she is going to betray her logic side. Maybe her fantasy will be what you desire, but I suspect it might not, and getting her to reveal it might be a challenge as well.

    She might feel a bit more comfortable if the two of you had a nice 3-some with a respectful 2nd male. Its always good to anticipate and smartly respond to her "no" replies by pointing out that this could invigorate your sexual relationship back to pre-marital days. Wouldn't it be awesome if married couples could maintain that lustful desire for each other that they had the first time they met? Because, it could do just that. Something to think about ... Mac
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    I had that feeling with an ex boyfriend a few months ago. It was an amazing feeling to be with him again. With my current husband I still feel the same way toward him that I did when we first started dating. The thing is that when my current husband and I started dating, he shared me soon afterward. Since then I have done everything with other men that I have done with my husband, and even more with other men.

    The intensity that I felt with my ex boyfriend was the same, maybe even more intense, when I got to be with him again a few months ago. I do wish that I could have that feeling with my husband, but I have resigned to knowing that will never happen.
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    Thank for your comment
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