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Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by successfulcuck, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. successfulcuck

    successfulcuck New Member

    I'm a very lucky guy I have a great life, nice job,
    Great house, and smoking hot wife. We r a 30 yr
    Old cpl from Pgh , PA.

    For the past year I ha e been trying to get
    Her to see the light and do the black guy
    Thing. I ha r showed her pics of really big
    Cocks, watched porn with her, etc....

    She is 5'8 150 blonde/blue 36 dd's. She would
    Be any guys dream .... I don't get it at first when
    I would say to her during sex, I wanna see u with a
    Black guy she got into it then she after awhile
    She said it was a turn off and thought it
    Was weird. She said black men are a huge
    Turn off for her---- please help? Is there anything
    Left to do?
  2. Dsoul

    Dsoul Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    You'd have to find out WHY she said so.
  3. successfulcuck

    successfulcuck New Member

    First off I am 9 inches , to the other member ,And yes was single newly
    Married. Don't judge .... Do u have to have a tiny
    Penis to want to b cuckolded.

    Anyways- she never said why she didn't like it
    She just always says its a turn off.
    I have asked her when we watch porn and she says
    She barely watches that it doesn't turn her on.
    However, when I turn the porn off and go down
    On her , her pussy is wet. she said I am all she wants
    Etc etc . There was a time like 3 months ago when
    I would role play and ask her if hedge would fuck this guy
    I work with and she said yah sure and got really
    Into it her pussy was soake but after she said she would
    Really never that she does it to turn me on , which is great ,
    But he is white..... When my wife drinks a cpl glasses
    Of wine she looses up that is when se is more sexual.
    I want to share her pic but cannot bc I'm on i phone
  4. Dsoul

    Dsoul Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    Looks like she desires some more convincing. Just a little bit of push in the right direction.

    I'll send you a private mail.
  5. straightdrop

    straightdrop Active Member

    Doubt if she converts over , plus you may really be all she wants.... good-luck....