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I have the option in my relationship to start having 3somes and 4somes, we have talked about it for a very long time and we are almost ready. I've been dating this new girl for around 8 or 9 months and its great, I have just lost a lot of attraction to her, most of our sex, although amazing for her, is very plain and boring to me, I have a super high sex drive and its almost unbearable to tell her that my sexual attraction to her has dwindled. In my mind, this is the perfect time to get her fucking other guys, I'm really not an insecure person, very confident, smart, level headed. I just don't know if this is something that could save us or ruin us.
The other day we got into it because I didn't feel like having our typical morning sex, because its becoming harder and harder to stay hard or to even cum. I almost have to fill my head with "jealousy" just to bust.
So now, the idea came up to start watching and sharing porn, this has me very nervous. Don't get me wrong I want to share everything with her I just don't know her reaction. I'm not only into IR porn, mostly cheating porn and ganbang or 3some anything amateur. We have also talked about 3somes with girls, which I would love and have recently been able to talk a lot about girls, Ive made it very clear to her that if we ever bring a girl into this then we would have to eventually bring in a guy. We have also talked a lot about filming. Can anybody help me? anybody in the same boat or anything?