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What would u do ?

  1. Fuck my gf n let me suck ur cock n fuck me

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  2. Fuck my gf

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  3. Pay for the room n enjoy both of us o

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  1. Myhotgf

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    Me and my gf have been together for 4 years we started having sex 2 years ago. Our sex life is ok now it used to be great. I just cum in her too fast in her. So I need some guy who take cares of himself n has a nice thick cock. I would love to see her fucked without a condom but due to stds I would like condom. So a guy in nyc who could come to a room or we can meet him in a room either Thursday or Tuesday n he can fuck my gf n also record me fuck her. I would love to suck a big dick and maybe even try in my ass so if you ok with that please post ur age n cock pics n let me know if you can
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    come ride my BBC
    message me :sex: