Need Advice "Why did this women take mom's clothes off for"

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    I need advise every one
    My mom is was married to my dad for 14 years and had 2 kids of her own.
    But there was this women who was always looking at my mom a lot of times.

    And the word was out that she was intressted in mom a hole lot and this one day she actully
    invited mom out to a night club with Dancers and moms friends said that night that this women was looking at the dancers alot and mom also.

    When they got back home around 1am or 2am I for get the time "right on"
    But when she droped mom off she came in our house also.

    All of a sudden I herd this women asking mom to take her clothes off and mom would not reply and she ask mom again and mom replyed back in shock like nervice and mom replyed back "WHAT"

    And she told mom to give her self up tp her.

    Then she went behind mom and when mom came back around I saw moms pink belt undone with her zipper open and moms Tank top was also undone.

    She just went to work on mom pulling and tugging at mom's clothes until mom was standing infront of her naked.

    Mom coverd her chest "boobs" with her left hand wile mom coverd her vagina with her right hand

    She worked on mom a bit when mom caved in after 5 mins of pure pressue
    she made mom kneel on her knees to her and told mom to giver her self up to her.

    And she told mom that she now Owns mom now and she started telling mom how cute she looked wiith nothing on at all.

    Mom did and mom started calling her "master"
    She layed mom down on our couch and she started masturbating mom pretty good.

    All I seen was moms leg's and hipps moving real fast like and herd our couch squeeking hard.

    Are some lesbian women sexully attracted to Stright married women
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    Oh yes hun,women lust and have great sex together!A woman doesnt have to be a lesbian to enjoy sex with another woman.Its just very pleasurful,good for your mom!I hope she continues :) relax,its all good.
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