Need a Part Time Admin - Fit sub White woman encouraged to apply!

I am a dominant black man from Philadelphia who owns a small construction company. We are growing and I find I could use some help part time - perhaps 10 - 20 hours a week.
Would love to have an attractive sub white woman whose hubby would like some pic updates on how his wifes work day was progressing!

My ideal candidate has an athletic build, professional demeanor in public and a few hours a week to "help out" with my needs, which could be a follow up call to a client, or a blow job.
My company employs about 90% African Americans, so my admins "responsibilities" will likely increase over time.

If you think you may be a good candidate, or know someone who might be, feel free to contact me.
Well Foxy....too bad your to far to "interview" for the position. But the position will be paid on an hourly basis, I really do need to get SOME work done, but there will clearly be extensive side benefits for a BBC curious or loving woman.

Would imagine that's a benefits package that would be appreciated here - with some benefits being larger and thicker than others. Though they say variety is the spice of life!
I am confident you would work hard! And your efforts would be rewarded!
Certainly I would look forward to your interview!
If you visit the states....I may have to give you that interview!
LOL...if she wears panties to the interview...she's probably not getting the job!
It would certainly indicate she does not understand proper work attire!
if i would live in the states, i would apply for that job for sure..
there is no hubby, but i hope he is not really needed..
im a passionate woman in everything im doing..
so i guess i could show u that im the right one for that job for sure..
and the benefits in ur job offer make it way more attractive..
working overtime wouldnt be a problem for me.
and if needed i also would take care of ur employee too.
i guess i could impress u.. but like i said at the beginning.. if i would live in the states..
but unfortunately im living in germany..
so i cant apply for the job.. :cry::cry::cry::cry: