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    Spent time in NC two weekends ago. My homeboy from college works in Raleigh. We went to a club and met two NC State students, a brunette and an asian (chinese) girl. At midnight I asked the brunette if she wanted to party back at her place, she said OK. My friend headed home so I followed the girls to their apartment. I went into the brunette's room and we fucked until she was worn out and fell asleep. It was 4 am and i woke up with the brunette snoring (lol, yes, she was fucked good and in deep sleep). I went out to the kitchen totally fuckin naked, for something to drink. I heard a voice behind me ask, "What are you looking for?" It was the asian roommate, standing in front of me in her panties and bra. I said I wanted some coffee and asked her to make me some. She popped a k-cup in, made me a cup and I took my coffee into her room, without asking. She asked me to leave her room, said she didn't want her roommate to come in and see me naked in her room. I walked over to the door, closed and it said, "You came out in the kitchen because you want some black dick. Your roommate is sleeping, now take off your bra and come over here and suck my dick." It was almost 4:30 AM when we started fucking, tight asian pussy too. She was noisy and i had to put my hand over her mouth a few times, and choked fucked her good. After nutting in her pussy and in her mouth, i rolled out of her bed around 6 AM. I shagged her roommate when she woke up around 8 AM, took a shower and then left. The girls wanted black cock and i got both for the price of drinks in the club. My homeboy missed some good pussy, he thought i was wasting my time...dumbass! LOL
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    Can you introduce me to them?
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    That's right!! The roommate knew she wanted it but was too shy to ask for it. Why are women like that!? Ladies need to realize they can get fucked any time they want, just ask for the D!