Naughty or Nice?

I thought that for I should first introduce myself.

I am Gary . I have been pondering for sometime now and I've grown to realize that women are much superior then men and that women who try having sex with a stranger in the presence of their man, really never want to cheat ever again. I have grown to understand this and I believe it to be true.after all mankind was never meant to be in a monogamous lifestyle . i don't expect everyone to understand this concept , but a few out there will sympathize with my sentiments.

Although I am not gay, or even bisexual, I have met a few husbands that never get to do anything with their woman and that they have grown to crave to be serving a sexy women and that maybe they could get a superior men to worship.

In this blog I will try to share my experience and pictures about what I like. Lingerie, domination, cuckolding and of course some sexy bulls too.