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My Wife's way of showing me off...LOL!

That's great news! 7" is a good length. I'm sure your wife is happy! Tom is not wimpy, but he does have a small dick and his is just under 5" at it's hardest. There days it rarely gets hard, though...unless he's watching me suck a big dick! :) $Dee$
Thanks she seems to be happy, I think your hubby is lucky to have you!
Yes, well I don't think I could be that good of a sport, guess I would have to be trained lol
He is so sweet - he did it for me since he has erection issues, as well. It works for us, but certainly not for everyone! You have to have a very strong marriage for any kind of swinging or sharing. If you read my profile, you know we aren't active any longer - it's just fantasy material now.
I can understand how erection issues can change a marriage, I'm not 100% in that department myself but so far with some degree of stress I've been able to preform every time. Hopefully things don't get worse or maybe I may have to consider sharing in the future, my wife loves sex
We shared this account, then abandoned it and started a new one. As you can see this post was started last year. We thought this account was gone, but found it one day and I started using it, and changed from a couple to male - but couldn't change the name "deannamontana" to my name. As an admin, maybe you can help us do that? Our other account: https://www.blacktowhite.net/members/deeannafolie.49785/ We don't mean to cause confusion - we are just here to hang out, chat and share.